X Children’s Festival

Children’s Heritage Festival

Each year, the Pondicherry Heritage Festival offers special activities and competitions for children — and the 2020 festival is no exception.

The annual Pondicherry Heritage Quiz will take place on 7 January at the Alliance Francaise on Suffren Street.

The Celebration of Creative Expression will take place of two days, 9 – 10 January, in categories including painting, sketching, collage, photography, music, puppetry, short films, poster graphics, and both folk and classical group dance. These events will take place at the Pondicherry Arts and Craft Village, Murungapakkam.

This year’s Children’s Heritage Expo focuses on Pondicherry’s natural heritage, and specifically issues related to water. It will take place on 29 January at the Alliance Francaise on Suffren Street.

For further details or to enrol children in any of these events, email gothy75@hotmail.com or telephone 9442577394 / 9840777394.