Made in Pondy

Made in Pondy at PHF 2021

The heritage of creativity and entrepreneurship in Pondy dates back to 2000 years ago and continues to this day with many companies producing a wide variety of products that are known around the world. This is what we celebrate year after year since we introduced Made in Pondy in at the third Pondicherry Heritage Festival in 2017.

Earlier we invited these creative entrepreneurs to the Crafts Bazaar where they set up stalls bringing their products under one roof. This year we will bring the people to each of your outlets during these fixed days and put-up maps to show the locations.  It could either be one single outlet that is offering goods made by many different producers of Pondy or stores exclusive to just one producer. If you have a store that also carries goods and products from other places outside the Pondicherry and Auroville region, we would request you to make a visible separation during these days so it would be easy to see which are the Made in Pondy products.

We will make a poster for this event and send it to you so that you can add the logo of your product/outlet and put it up in front of the outlet so passersby know that during this period you are part of the PHF 2021’s Made in Pondy. We would like to have a little write up about your product or company with your logo which in turn would be put up by us on our online platforms and talked about by us in the Press. The theme for this year’s heritage festival is “The talking streets of Pondicherry” so walks will be organised and cycle tours which could also organised in a way that they visit as many of the Made in Pondy participants as possible.

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