Water Kolam

Water Kolam Workshop with Anitha


Kolam, the geometrical patterns made on earth and filled with colors are very popular throughout India. The word kōlam means ‘form and beauty’. A symbol of auspiciousness and divinity, kōlam is made with finely ground rice powder /paste (called kola-podi in Tamil) on carefully swept grounds (revered as Mother Earth). The patterns of lines and curves are based on a grid of dots that are joined using straight or curved lines. The knowledge of Kōlam patterns is transferred orally through generations amongst women as they learn by observing this ritual daily. Water Kolam, a creative take on drawing kōlam “under water”, is an awe-inspiring skill. The “above water” kōlam is another intriguing end of the spectrum spanning this beautiful art form. Thus, the practice of Kolam is a truly diverse and experiential one that can be fully appreciated only when seen from the wide perspective of everyday life. Imagine a future of water scarcity, and we will have to let go of these beautiful variations. Let these kōlams remind us to save water for a future where we don’t lose these art forms for our negligence and apathy today.

Come and learn to draw Water kōlam at SITA and soak in the rich Indian culture in its purest form on DATE at TIME at SITA Cultural Centre. Limited seats and prior registration is mandatory. Please contact at sitapondicherry@gmail.com or 0413-4200718 or 9944016128 to book a slot.