Vietnamese Seafood

Vietnamese Seafood Cooking Class with Manisha


Humans fished before the dawn of written history using birds’ beaks for hooks and plant stalks for line. Early cave pictures show drawings of fish and fishing. As populations grew, people tended to settle near the sea or large river systems where fish and shellfish were readily abundant as food, and sea lanes became important for
commerce, trade, communication, and transport. During colonization and imalgamation of cultures during movement and migration of mankind, food cultures were fused leading to a mixture of local spices with overseas recipes. Pondicherry is a potluck of creole cuisine inspired by French, Vietnamese, Cambodian, South Indian, and Portuguese cuisine, each with a history and flavour of its own.

Come and learn seafood dishes from Vietnam, and take a pledge to save sea-life on DATE at TIME at SITA Cultural Centre because our future generations have as much right on the bounty from the sea as we! Limited seats and prior registration is mandatory. Please contact at or 0413-4200718 or 9944016128 to book a slot.